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Career Management

Career management is essential to accomplish your future career goals requiring a long term process of investing resources. The career management process embraces various concepts; self-awareness, career development planning/career exploration,
continuous learning, and networking. The representative can continue managing the footballer even after active football life.

Contract Negotiation

Contract Negociations are a huge part of a players life , as a player we specialise in playin related issues.The business of transfers comes around twice a year. Who goes where? For how much? For how long?…While there’s much talk about the obvious questions, some key questions are not as regularly explored. When were these decisions made? How were these decisions made? What sort of discussion was held and by whom?C

Wealth Management

Wealth management  can be a minefield, which can be more complex than some clients make it.
What considerations are taken into account in making investment decisions. True wealth management is about handling taxes, property development, pensions or savings, later life planning, finances after death. These are the services we offer our clients.


Marketing (PR)

Public relations (PR) refer to the variety of activities conducted by an representative to promote and protect the image of a client and appearance in public. Managing the public opinion of the client. Public relations can encompass activities which can include appearances, helping charities, social media accounts, media interviews and interactions,  to enhance our client’s earnings through goods and services endorsements.

Welfare Advice

This is also a keep duty of the representative. As players play and earn money, somebody with expertise has to handle the life of the football player off the field. Things like finding them accommodation in new towns, transport or buying cars, banking of salaries, allowances and side incomes but most importantly investing for the future.

Disciplinary Issues

Many players experience disciplinary issues that can easily be handled by their representative. While handling this, the representative could hire a counsellor to keep the player grounded and in check. Players like Joey Barton, Lee Bowyer and Eric Cantona have  been examples of players with difficulty with discipline. With our representation these situations can be navigated to recieve the best results.


Career Management

Our role as a Player Representative is to manage the career of our clients. to accomplish your future career goals which  requires a long term process of investing resources to achieve the desired results.
The career management process embraces various concepts; self-awareness, career development planning/career exploration,
continuous learning, and networking. Our representatives can continue managing clients even after active Career.



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” Football is a easy game made difficult by the player “

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Time is always a factor when dealing with critically sensitive situations. This is why we take the business of your business very seriously.



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From your position on the field of play to the geographic location of your club, its crucial to not be in the wrong environment. We are committed and dedicated to find you the best situation to harness progress.

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